Notes about Biscuit Cook Offs
1.   Division – Adult and Professional with Sub categories for each division- Most Creative / Best Breakfast Biscuit

All biscuits must be home made.
2.  Youth category -  All entries must have recipe attached with your name, address, phone and email.
3.  Youth division items must be made primarily by the youth. Parents may help as needed but this is specifically a youth project.
4.  Please be sure to read ALL details for the varying categories as to ensure your dish meets the requirements for that category.
5.  Please be sure to have all items on time.  Late entries will not be accepted.
6.  No mixes allowed. The item must be fully baked and ready to serve.
7.  Submit one dozen of the baked item for judging.
8.  Participants must be present - to talk about their biscuits during a Question/Answer Session with the Judges.

Judging Criteria for Most Creative Biscuit

Presentation – 1-5 Creativity – 1-5 Texture- 1-5 Taste 1-5 Quality of recipe 1-5 (maximum score 20)

Judging Criteria for Breakfast Biscuit
Presentation – Texture- 1-5 Taste 1-5 Quality of recipe 1-5 (maximum score 15)